Joe Biden Responds To Trump’s Public Demand For China To Investigate Him

He is SICK of Trump's SH*T.

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Today it became clear what Donald Trump’s strategy for defending himself against impeachment for a crime he clearly committed was going to be: Continue to commit that crime, only louder and in public, in order to try and normalize it and make it seem like something that was never wrong to do.

Republicans are fresh off a week of strenuously denying that Trump engaged in any kind of illegal activity with Ukraine, though the law stipulates that there needn’t even be quid pro quo for what Trump did to be considered a crime — just the act of ever asking a foreign power to investigate a political rival would constitute a foreign contribution to his campaign (at the very least) and thus be illegal.

Now that Trump has been insisting that there was no “pressure” from him during his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, it’s been explained to him that this does not matter. Just asking is already a crime, even if you don’t try to coerce. Knowing that, today the President took questions on the White House lawn and while he was with reporters, he once again called on Ukraine to “investigate Joe Biden” and threw China into the mix as well, saying that they too should investigate the former Vice President.


But besides Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and every American citizen who gives a shit about democracy and the rule of law in this country, you know who’s sick of all of this?

Joe Biden.

He’s already been investigated — and cleared of any wrongdoing — by Ukraine, the country that Trump was demanding false information from. And Joe has an idea why Trump is having this freakout right now. So today Biden’s campaign issued an official response:

That first sentence says it all, too: “The defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s presidency is the ongoing abuse of power.” We’re watching it in real-time. We know why he’s doing it — so that breaking the law seems like an everyday thing that anyone would do.

And Joe is definitely right about one thing. Trump is having a massive meltdown.

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