Social Media Responded To Trump Visibly Sweating While Taking Questions From Press Pool: “Must Have Doubled His Amphetamine Dose Today”

Oh, dear Jesus, that's nasty.

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Not a day goes by where the majority of American citizens, as well as folks from all around the globe, don’t sit back and wonder, “What in the actual fuck is wrong with Donald Trump?!”

Whether it’s his cold-heartedness, arrogance, and narcissism that’s on full display — like posing for a thumbs-up photo with a 2-month-old baby whose parents were just murdered in the El Paso, Texas mass shooting that was caused by Trump himself — that has you questioning whether or not he’s even human or just some fucked up droid programmed to destroy the Earth. Or it’s yet another one of his rambling, incoherent speeches in which he completely goes off script and rants about God only knows what while everyone just looks on in stunned horror. No matter what he’s doing, if there is one thing that Donald Trump can always be relied on for, it’s your daily dose of “What. The. Fuck?!”

And that’s exactly what we all said recently as Trump gave a rant-filled speech from the White House lawn before he departed for his golf vacation, complete with rants about Hollywood, North Korea, black athletes, and guns, while positively drenched in sweat.


I mean, it was in the mid-80s in Washington, DC. So yes, it was a little on the warm side. But we’re not talking about a few beads on the forehead here. We’re talking about gross, dripping, soaking wet sweaty.

Of course, it’s long been speculated that Donald Trump has himself a pretty serious drug problem which contributes to all the weird happenings such as his half-baked, muddled speeches and pupils so dilated they look as though they’re about to swallow his whole eyeball.

But this instance may have just pushed that theory completely over the edge as Twitter users begin to wonder if he’s upped his dosages:

Excuse me please, while I go scrub my brain of those images.

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