While The Country Is In Disarray, Trump Is Leaving For 10-Day Vacation Consisting Of Golf, Cable News, And Twitter

What can he say? He loves them more than his family.

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With an impending trade war with China looming, hours of footage of crying children for his eventual presidential opponent to choose from for campaign ads, and a maelstrom of demands for gun reform legislation, aides say that Trump’s upcoming 10-day vacation will likely be focused on 3 things: Golf, cable news, and his social media account.

That’s the level of cynicism we’ve reached in the West Wing — an assumption, rightly made, that Donald Trump will essentially ignore the flames engulfing the room and sip coffee like the “This is fine” meme dog:


What it points to, however, is a terrifying choice between potential things that could be the case: Either Donald Trump DOES think everything is fine, that he faces no serious global or domestic concerns, that his tariffs are working properly and that the GOP will magically support whatever he says he’s coming up with on background checks for gun — or the President has no idea what to do about any of it.

Either proposition is a scary one. But unfortunately, there’s actually a third possibility.

Trump doesn’t actually care about any of it.

It’s this horrifying probability that gives me fits, honestly, and there’s a preponderance of evidence that it’s true. From having no idea how racist he sounds, to making fun of a disabled reporter, to slandering women, to bragging about sexual assault, it’s clear that Trump is some flavor of sociopath. And not caring about the carnage they leave in their wake is almost the defining trait of sociopaths, especially in government.

So he’ll distract himself as usual. In fact, Trump’s former Communications Director at the White House, Anthony Scaramucci, told the Associated Press something along the same lines as one of my theories:

He doesn’t think he is facing any challenges. His attitude is, ‘The economy is doing great, I am putting the hammer down on China, the rest is just noise.'”

Of course, I think he thinks that because he doesn’t care.

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