State Department Just Confirmed They Have A White Nationalist Leader Working As An Employee

And nobody in Trump's administration cares a bit.

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Things have been not so great inside Trump’s State Department as of late. No part of Donald’s administration seems to be able to keep their shit together, with employees regularly dropping off like flies (and we all know how much Donald Trump hates flies) — either quickly resigning before they’re stuck working fast food the rest of their life thanks to the mere association with Donald, or Trump is firing their behind for whatever arbitrary reason he can come up with that day.

For heaven’s sake, just about everyone within that circus they call an administration has “acting” tacked to the front of their job title because no one can hang around long enough.

Most recently to see their way out of Trump’s clusterfuck was State Department official Chuck Park, who resigned with a big, fat “fuck you” to Donald and urged all of his colleagues to do the same.


And after new reports today, we’re really not surprised that he had no desire to spend another hot second inside that department.

According to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the State Department is currently employing a known former leader of a white-nationalist organization in Washington, DC.

The report stated that Dept. official Matthew Gebert “hosted white nationalists at his home and published white nationalist propaganda online.”

Per the SPLC report, Gebert joined the State Department in 2013 and operated online as leader of the white supremacy organization under the pseudonym “Coach Finstock.”

The report states, “Through that alias, he expressed a desire to build a country for whites only.”

“Coach Finstock” stated in a white-nationalist podcast back in May of 2018, “[Whites] need a country of our own with nukes, and we will retake this thing lickety-split… That’s all that we need. We need a country founded for white people with a nuclear deterrent. And you watch how the world trembles.”

The report also indicates that, under his pseudonym, Gebert attended the Charlottesville march and “expressed no apparent regret about what transpired” at the deadly rally.

As of Thursday, Gebert was placed on administrative leave. However, when questioned about the future of his employment within the department after the release of the SPLC report, one spokesperson stated, “The Department of State cannot comment on personnel issues but is committed to providing an inclusive workplace.”

This is the world Donald Trump has dreamed of.

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