Lindsey Graham Tells Reporters He Owns An Assault Rifle In Case There’s A Natural Disaster, Looters Will Know Not “To Come To The AR-15 Home”

No one wants to come to your house anyway, Lindsey.

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Recently, gun control has been a hot topic in our country once again, and for good reason, considering more than 30 people lost their lives to yet another round of mass shootings over this past weekend – in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.

Of course, President Trump’s only concern surrounding these tragedies is making sure he gets plenty of flattering PR by showing his smug face at the hospitals where victims of the violence are currently recovering, and posing with what is most likely staged hospital staff as the real employees and victims had no desire to be anywhere near him.

Unsurprisingly so, all the rest of Donald’s little minions are simply following suit. Not a single soul in that corrupt administration gives a single fuck between the lot of them about legitimate gun legislation, helpful gun laws, or even how many more lives are lost at the hands of some homegrown, disgruntled white boy who took Donald Trump’s behavior and rhetoric seriously.


Staunch Trump supporter Lindsey Graham made this strikingly clear when he spoke to reporters recently while aboard Air Force One and proudly told them that he personally owns an AR-15 — the same style of weapon used by countless mass shooters.

Why does he have an AR-15 in his home, you ask?

Well, according to him, it’s in case “there’s a hurricane, a natural disaster, no power, no cops, no anything” so that looters will know not “to come to the AR-15 home.”

So, let me just get this straight? He owns an AR-15 so people know not to loot his home, should the Apocalypse strike. Does he have a big sign in his front yard that says “Don’t loot me! I’ve got a big boy gun!”

Or was this little snippet that he offered to the reporter his way of warning, advertising to, or threatening the American people to ensure they know he’s armed with the same weapons as most of your mass shooters?

What’s he getting at here? And more importantly, who are the people he’s planning to shoot if society happens to break down?

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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