Twitter Responds After Eric Trump Says “Crazy” And Mentally Ill People Shouldn’t Own Guns: “So You’re Gonna Turn Yours In?”

Has he passed by a mirror lately?

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The hot topic in our country these days is gun control — and rightly so, considering more than 30 people lost their lives this weekend and dozens more were injured, some severely, after two more mass shootings took place in our country over the weekend, more than 1,500 miles apart in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, bringing up to a grand total of 250 mass shootings in American just this year alone. That’s more than shootings than we’ve had days in 2019. So, yea. Gun control really needs to be talked about.

But, of course, Donald Trump doesn’t want to talk about gun control. Why would he? The NRA is a big reason why he’s living it up in the White House right now. Instead, since the shooters were white (because when are they not white?), Trump wants to blame it all on the “crazies” (i.e. anyone with a mental illness), grab a few photo-ops for some PR, and get back to his golfing, ripping Hispanics from the arms of their families, and basically just destroying our country in all the other super fun ways he can dream up.

In an attempt to help scoot things along for his dear ole dad, Eric Trump took to Twitter to post a video of Donald in which he claimed, “I don’t care politically. I don’t want to have crazy people having guns.” Of course, Eric agreed with his pops in hopes that would be the end of it. Because didn’t you know, we’re just supposed to accept everything the Trump’s say without question?


“Having competed in the shooting sports my entire life, I am the most staunch Second Ammendment supporter anywhere! That said, I agree 100%. Keep guns away from crazy people and the mentially  ill – they give millions of great Americans, like me, that love the sport, a bad name,” Eric’s typo-ridden tweet read.

And of course, because Twitter is Twitter and everyone hates those Trump kids almost as much as we all hate their daddy, it didn’t go over well for him:

Oh, man. I would say someone needs to take his phone away. But the replies are just so hilarious.

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