Trump Smiles And Gives Thumbs Up In Photo-Op With Baby Whose Parents Were Killed In El Paso Terror Attack

He is the most disgusting human being.

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If you were hopeful enough to think that maybe, just maybe Donald Trump actually felt some sympathy or remorse after at least 31 people lost their lives and dozens more were severely injured over this past weekend after mass shootings ravaged through our nation once again — well, I don’t know what to tell you at this point. You should know by now that “remorse” and “sympathy” aren’t even in Trump’s vocabulary.

Donald did eventually go “meet” with the victims of the shootings in both Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas — but it’s hard to even classify what he did as a “meeting,” considering the majority of those still recovering in the hospitals had no desire to see his smug face and he spent pretty much the entire time taking selfies with “hospital staff” that, according to a Dayton hospital insider, wasn’t even actually hospital staff.

In the end, that entire trip, that he funded with taxpayer money so that he could write it off as a campaign trip, was nothing more than one big PR stunt — most likely an attempt to make Americans believe that he’s a real stand-up guy and hopefully leave him alone when it comes to urging the man to actually pass any legitimate gun legislation.


The fact that it only took the White House mere hours to post photographs from inside that hospital in Dayton, claiming that Trump was treated like a “rockstar” should be enough to convince you. But if, for some reason, it wasn’t, try this one for size: Trump actually took a photo, complete with a big, fat grin and a trademark Trump thumbs up, with an orphaned 2-month-old whose parents were slain in the El Paso shooting.

Donald isn’t remorseful over the fact that his behavior and rhetoric continually spurs these attacks. He has not a shred of sympathy for the victims left behind, the lives lost, or the lives shattered from the tragic events.

Donald Trump is worried about one thing and one thing only — Donald Trump. And the fact that he’s using an innocent 2-month-old orphan to strengthen his agenda — well, it makes me sick.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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