Ex-CIA Director Explains How He Truly Feels About Trump’s Son: “I Don’t Take Anything That Don Jr. Says Seriously”


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Yet another member of Donald Trump’s administration has seen their way out of that clusterfuck. On the heels of State Department official Chuck Park’s recent resignation, the next to say “bye Felicia” to Trump and his mess is Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon who penned a thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive resignation note yesterday after an Oval Office meeting — indicating that she was forced out of her position by Trump himself.

Back at the beginning of this month, Trump spawn Donald Trump Jr. sent out a now-infamous tweet against Gordon.


MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” host Brian Williams sat down with former CIA Director John Brennan and took the opportunity to question him about Jr.’s tweet.

“Speaking of the times we’re living in, I guess you have to live with the notion that a lot of people will always believe it was a tweet from Donald Trump, Jr., that alleged you were best friends with Sue Gordon that some will always believe was a major force in disqualifying her in the president’s eyes to take the top job,” Williams stated.

“Well, I don’t take anything that Don Jr. says seriously,” the ex-CIA director replied matter-of-factly.

“I knew Sue Gordon, worked very closely with her. She worked with thousands of intelligence professionals during the course of her career. She has the utmost respect and admiration of those individuals she worked for, and if her time working with me at the CIA was disqualifying for this position, well, that’s probably disqualifying of thousands of dedicated women and men at the CIA and the intelligence community that I worked with over the years,” Brennan explained.

He then went on, “I think this reflects an interest in the part of the Trump Administration to have an individual who’s going to show personal loyalty to Donald Trump, as opposed to dedication to the mission, loyalty to the Constitution and the country, and Sue Gordon was that type of person who speaks the proverbial truth to power.”

He added, “I’m sad to see her go but I do believe that the women and men of the intelligence committee will continue to do their level best irrespective of the lack of attention that Donald Trump is giving to their work. They know that what they do every day around the globe is critically important to the citizens.”

Honestly, who takes anything that blowhard, waste of a trust fund says seriously anymore?

You can watch the video here:

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