As Hurricane Approaches, Trump Blames Puerto Rico For Costs Of Disaster Relief

The man is a sociopath.

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Technically, it is at this point a “tropical storm,” but the weather system given the name Dorian this year will be a hurricane by the time it gets near the US territory of Puerto Rico, the tiny island still recovering from the ravaging it took from Hurricane Maria two years ago.

When Maria hit, Trump was caught unprepared in almost every way: He clearly did not understand that Puerto Rico is part of the United States, and his experience with anything more than inclement weather extended only to faking insurance claims at Mar-a-Lago after a storm to get a little more money for damage from Hurricane Wilma in the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season that saw Irene, Rita, Harvey, Emily, and the worst for the US, Katrina.

But when Trump looks like an idiot doing anything, his only goal immediately becomes making sure that everyone else looks like an idiot for not doing it exactly the same as he does. That means that every opportunity to admit a mistake or shortcoming is automatically filled with him doubling down and acting like his response is the only response.


The aftermath of Maria provided him a chance to really dig in his heels and look like a colossal asshole to the rest of the world as he paraded through the storm-torn cities bragging about how many people showed up to see him during his visit and lobbed paper towels at storm victims gathered inside a church awaiting supplies.

The fallout from his visit was monumental, sparking a fit of anger within him that persists to today. That’s why, we assume, he sent out this disgusting tweet as Dorian threatens to tear apart Puerto Rico once more:

Number one, when Americans are in danger, nobody wants to hear you talk about how much it costs to save them. Only an absolute sociopath would say anything like that. But number two, is he blaming Puerto Rico for the storms? That’s what it seemed like to a public that went on social media begging the unhinged president not to nuke the island — a reference to his suggestion that we should drop nuclear bombs into hurricanes to keep them from coming aground in the United States.

All we know for certain is that no matter what Congress approves in aid for the island, Trump will once again try to steal it to fund his wall.

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