Trump Just Tweeted “No Bedbugs At Doral” Even Though He Settled Lawsuit Over Biting Bedbugs

Usually, you don't settle unless you think the other party has a case, but maybe Trump likes paying people money.

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Monday was not a good day for PR for Donald Trump’s golf resort in Miami, the location he told a gathered crowd at the G7 in Biarritz, France that he was considering holding next year’s summit of world leaders for the annual economic and global geopolitical conference.

The Trump National Doral Miami has been financially struggling over the past few years — back in May, reports circulated that revenue at Doral had declined nearly seventy percent in just two years — and it’s no surprise that he elected to hold next year’s G7 at one of his own properties to begin with. He stands to make millions from the arrangement and could potentially rehab the flagging club.

Trump has already diverted more than a hundred million dollars in taxpayer money to his various resorts, simply by golfing at them during his seemingly countless “vacation” days to Doral, Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster, and a handful of others that he appears to rotate through, depending on whether his primary goal is to golf or to wine and dine some business executive or foreign leader.


But how does a golf resort that’s been home to PGA tournaments and is a household name among golfers lose that much money in so short a time? Well, you start by selling it to Donald Trump in 2012. Then the revenue stream starts to make a little more sense, since Mr. Art of the Deal so famously runs his properties into the ground. After he purchased Doral with a $125 million loan from Deutsche Bank, it took only five years for it to begin leaking profit like a sieve, to the point that it no longer even resembled the glorious series of links it once was.

Tuesday was an even worse day for Donald Trump himself, when he tweeted early in the day:

Wait, was someone talking about bedbugs? Because boy, if they were, it sure would be dumb for the President to lend any credence to any nasty rumors by tweeting a denial against a charge that’s absolutely not true in any way, shape, or for–


I’m just spitballing here, Mr. President, but what if — and this is a big “if” — what if the rumors about the bedbugs at Doral stemmed from you settling a lawsuit with a guy who got eaten alive by them at your Doral resort? I mean, surely you wouldn’t have settled the suit if there WERE no bedbugs, right?

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