Twitter Responded To Video Of Trump Appearing To Pat His Leg To Summon Melania

Lindsey will be jealous!

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Senator Lindsey Graham best watch out because it seems that Melania may be vying for his position as Trump’s lapdog.

Melania has always been a perfect little parrot for her hubby, Donald Trump. Which we’d imagine is precisely how he likes it — considering there’s no telling how much money he spent to have her shipped to the States after he picked her out of the catalog.

But during their recent trip to Dayton, Ohio where Trump popped in to “meet with the victims” of the recent mass shooting there — which in Trump speak translates to nothing more than a big, fat PR trip on the taxpayers’ dime — it appeared to some Twitter users that Melania may not have been as obedient as Donnie would have liked.


Footage from their visit shows Donald standing beside the car, visibly impatient with something or other, and then he appears to turn towards Melania’s general direction before patting his thigh with his palm in the same manner you would call a dog.

It only took mere seconds before Melania was high-tailing around the car to Donald’s side, where he no doubt thinks she belongs, he gave a quick little wave, and the pair sauntered off to whatever fuckery they had planned for the day.

Of course, there’s no way to truly know whether Trump was making the gesture to Melania specifically, someone inside the car, or perhaps was just particularly impatient with the whole ordeal at that very moment. But that did not stop Twitter users from throwing their two cents in:

Honestly, even if Trump wasn’t gesturing at Melania this time, we all know that he treats her in a manner that’s deserving of being locked in a Port-A-Potty and thrown down a very long hill. It’s really no wonder her Christmas decorations are creepily reminiscent of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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