Angela Merkel Laughs Out Loud After Trump Says He Has “German In My Blood”

Don't worry. We laugh at him too.

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Donald Trump spent this past weekend in France for the G7 Summit — minus Vladimir Putin, of course, which Donnie is still butthurt about — surrounded by his fellow world leaders who all think he’s a dimwitted idiot with a serious ego problem.

Now, during his time overseas, Donald has done plenty to completely humiliate both himself and, by default, our nation. Just to recap a little here, he has:

Seriously, all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, of course, all of us here back home have gotten several laughs out of his ridiculousness. You know, those painful laughs? Where it’s funny because he’s humiliating himself, but oh my God it hurts because he somehow managed to become the “leader” of our country?


But it seems that we’re not the only ones having ourselves a conflicted chortle at Donald’s expense.

While attending the G7 Summit, Trump sat down for a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel — in which Donald claimed that he has German in his blood, eliciting some rather rambunctious laughter out of the German PM.

The two have never really gotten along, but Trump did refer to her as a “brilliant woman” who “understands exactly where everything is, she knows it before most people.”

One reporter went on to ask Merkel if she had invited America’s president to a bilateral visit to Germany, which Merkel stated she’d done “on previous occasions.”

Donald then took it upon himself to add, “We’ll be there…we’re very honored by the invitation—and that’s true—and we will be there. Maybe soon.”

And then it happened, folks. He continued on to proclaim, “I have German in my blood.”

And y’all, poor Merkel just couldn’t hold it back. Those eyebrows of her popped up and she literally snorted with laughter.

What else can we really say? Other than just, “Same, girl. Same.” We make that face pretty much every time he talks.

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