Trump Decides To Refute “Hurricane Nuke” Idea By Tweeting It During Live Meeting With German PM


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No matter how far Donald Trump may wander from his undeserved place inside our White House, whether he’s in a different state or in a completely different country, there is one thing that he’s never too busy or too far from home to do — and that’s criticize and berate the absolute hell out of our media.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if the man had a tiny little leash to go around his tiny little wrist, connected to his beloved iPhone so his trusty Twitter account (his only true friend left in this world) is never more than a few inches away — ensuring that he can bust that bad boy out and crank out a hairbrained, half-baked tweet on a moment’s notice. No matter where he may be.

And I do mean no matter where.


Trump is currently kicking it at the G7 Summit in France with six of his fellow world leaders who all pretty much hate his guts. And Lord knows he hasn’t exactly been the favorite among them.

He’s already managed to confirm his complete idiocy when French President Macron attempted to discuss policy with him and the only thing he could manage to ramble on about was the weather. Then he got caught making his trademark Pouty McPoutface during a meeting — most likely because he was butthurt about not understanding what anyone was talking about.

But this morning, Trump may have just pulled the most Trumpian Trump move that ever did Trump.

After catching wind of an Axios report claiming that Donald had asked about using nuclear bombs as a defense against hurricanes, Trump was furious that he was being made to look like his usual stupid self in the media once again.

Now, of course, we would expect a Twitter tantrum over that. So what makes this particular instance extra rich? The tweet in question was sent out at the same time Donald was in a televised meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Chances are his own fat, little thumbs didn’t type the message themselves. They were most likely angrily dictated to some poor aide who’s currently questioning their life choices in a bad kind of way. But either way, the fact that he literally couldn’t wait an hour until the meeting finished to send out a rage tweet speaks volumes on his maturity level.

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