Social Media Responds To Trump’s Body Language In Meeting: “He Looks Like A Toddler Who Refuses To Eat His Spinach”

He has a big mad.

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Donald Trump recently spent a long weekend with six of his fellow world leaders, all of whom pretty much hate his guts, and it’s beginning to show that he’s a bit on the pouty side about the whole ordeal.

While reports swirled that tensions were high at the G7 Summit (especially after world leaders were already reportedly quite anxious about the meeting before they even got there), Trump of course vehemently denied those claims, saying that everyone was getting along just swell and he was having himself some “good meetings” — because God forbid he “allow” the American public to believe that everyone feels anything short of love and admiration for the shit stain.

“From the moment we got here, we’ve been treated beautifully,” Trump stated during a sit down with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


But, as we all expected, Donald was actually pretty much being his typical, Trumpian self during this Summit, just like all the rest of them.

He was publicly called out by European Council President Donald Tusk over his desire to reinstate Russia (and specifically Vladimir Putin) into the G7 Summit. He made a complete fool out of himself with French President Emmanuel Macron, who tried to talk policy with America’s idiot-in-chief, but only managed to get some nonsense about the weather out of Donald. And reports indicated that Trump’s aides complained to reporters throughout the event because they feel as though Macron intentionally planned the agenda to touch on topics that would specifically make Donald look bad — as if that would be hard to do.

And it all really wore ol’ Donald down.

A photograph of the meeting between the world leaders made its rounds on social media, and users were quick to notice that Donnie had quite the Pouty McPoutface look going on:

If you can’t run with the big dogs, keep your butt on the porch, Donnie.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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