Mitch McConnell Warned The American People, Plans To Block Everything If Trump Loses In 2020

This is DEFINITELY not how you govern.

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We always knew Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was a craven, disgusting coward who would do anything to gain and maintain power, and beyond that, we’re fully aware of McConnell’s history as an obstructionist. He got plenty of practice during the Obama years when he famously said that his primary objective in the Senate would be to ensure that Obama was a one-term President — and after he failed at that, obstructing by way of robbing Obama of the Supreme Court appointment vote to which he was entitled.

Now McConnell’s gross negligence of his duty as an American lawmaker is in even more stark contrast as he has been weighing the possibility that Donald Trump — the best thing ever to happen to Mitch — may not win the 2020 election. The Majority Leader has vowed that if Trump doesn’t win, but Republicans keep the Senate and he retains his own seat as the head of the upper chamber, that no matter who wins, if it isn’t Trump, he will thwart everything they want to accomplish.

Discussing progressive policy proposals during a meeting of political leaders in Owensboro, Kentucky, McConnell tore into the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and free college as total non-starters if he retains control of the Senate in 2020:


If I’m still the majority leader in the Senate … None of that stuff is going to pass. I guarantee you that if I’m the last man standing and I’m still the majority leader, it ain’t happening. I can promise you.”

Mitch has already proven that he believes fewer people should vote in the first place, and his willingness to ignore the will of the people is now well-documented — but we’ve never seen him be quite this overt with his bluster, just going ahead and saying the quiet part loud.

This is a disturbing trend, and a best-case scenario would see McConnell thrown out of the Senate on his ear.

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