Social Media Users Reacted To Trump When He Appeared To Kiss College Student During Signing Ceremony

Just when you thought Trump couldn't get any creepier...

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Donald Trump has a long history of putting his hands on people whether they like it or not — lest we forget the genital grabbing ordeal. By no surprise, Trump’s questionable rise to the presidency seems to have no bearing on his affliction for unwarranted and often consentless affections.

President Trump signed an executive order earlier this year meant to protect conservative students on college campuses — basically threatening to withhold government funding to the institutions unless they allow everyone to hail Trump.

After signing the order, POTUS enthusiastically embraced a young, female supporter that had been invited to the White House for the ceremony — appearing to kiss the young lady before releasing her.


Of course, pretty much the entire internet took note of the creepy incident pretty quickly — with a lot of folks swiftly pointing out the young female supporter’s likeliness to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who Trump has basically said he’d screw if he could get away with it.

Much to everyone’s delight, the Twitter-sphere had a lot to say about this disturbing interaction:

It’s the year 2019. You’d think we’d have a president that could just keep his damn hands to himself. But no. America has a president that makes the entire Earth ripple with a collective cringe.

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