Mike Pence Appears To Be Caught Up In Whistleblower Scandal, Could Be In Trouble Himself

You know he knew...

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Over the last several days the news has been full of nothing but headlines relating to the whistleblower scandal that is now positively blowing up within Donald Trump’s administration after one inside official witnessed something so terrible between President Trump and a foreign leader that they felt they had no choice but to blow the lid off the matter before our nation’s security found itself at risk.

So far, government officials and American citizens alike seem to be in agreement that, while we certainly don’t know all of the details contained within the whistleblower’s complaint and most likely never will, there’s more than a good possibility that it all comes down to Donald Trump, Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, and Vice President Mike Pence’s conspiracy to illegally request an investigation by Ukraine into former Vice President and Democratic 2020 hopeful (not to mention Trump’s biggest competition, thus far) Joe Biden’s son and his past dealings in the country.

All very creepily reminiscent of the Trump Tower Kremlin meeting meant to produce dirt on Trump’s last presidential competition, Hillary Clinton, huh?


But as more and more details begin to slowly unfold surrounding this particular scandal with our “president,” speculations are inevitably beginning to rise in regard to just how deeply Trump’s right-hand man Mike Pence is involved.

While the pair have hit a few bumps in the road over the past several months especially, with Pence finding himself subjected to multiple “loyalty tests” at the hands of POTUS after he polled higher than his boss, it’s undeniable that the two are quite inseparable in their atrocities — and it’s nearly impossible to believe that this particular situation would be any different.

Democratic Coalition Chairman and former campaign chair for Barack Obama, Jon Cooper, took to his Twitter account with this exact speculation.

What are the odds that @VP Mike Pence was aware of the ‘promise’ Trump made to a foreign leader that was so alarming it led to an ‘urgent, credible’ whistleblower complaint from within the intelligence community?” Cooper’s tweet read. “If Pence knew but covered it up, he may be in deep trouble himself.”

Twitter users were quick to agree with him:

If you believe for a second that Mike Pence was anything less than completely complicit in Trump’s most recent scandal, then you may as well go ahead and take a gander at the ceiling, as “Gullible” is written up there in bright pink Sharpie.

The blatant collusion and corruption has to stop somewhere. And this is it.

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