WAPO Reports Trump Has Admitted He May Have Screwed Up With China

You know it's bad when HE admits he messed up.

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Donald Trump, who has often referred to himself as the “master negotiator” (because evidently inheriting your daddy’s business and effectively running it and every other business venture you’ve attempted straight into the ground constitutes “mastery”), has proven through his two and a half years of presidency that the only things he’s truly a master at is fucking up every single thing he touches.

He’s kind of like King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold, except everything Donald Trump touches turns to complete shit in an instant. King Mydoo. You get my point.

Trump has been using our country as a guinea pig lately in an attempt to show off his “masterful” skills in the business negotiation world, and unsurprisingly he’s done little more than made a big, fat mess and cost the American public a whole hell of a lot of money as a result of an ongoing trade war he’s ignited with China.


Now, according to a new report from the Washington Post, Trump may have shit the bed on this particular situation so badly that even he is admitting that it probably wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The Post reported on an exchange between President Trump and a reporter noted by CNN’s Jim Acosta. In which Donald was apparently questioned by the unnamed reporter, “Mr. President, any second thoughts on escalating the trade war with China?”

Trump replied, “Yeah, sure, why not?”

Upon further pressing by the journalist, Donald continued, “Might as well, might as well.” Adding, “I have second thoughts about everything.”

Of course, Donald’s replacement for White House liar Sarah Sanders, Stephanie Grisham, was quick to dispute what the president had to say, claiming that the fake media misinterpreted Donald’s statement — he actually meant that he wishes he had given tariffs an even bigger increase.

Axios went on to note, “This is the first time he has indicated any regret that his trade war with China had spiraled into an international crisis, and it could be an attempt by Trump to de-escalate tensions between the 2 countries.”

Seems Donnie boy is beginning to realize he made a big ol’ whoopsie.

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