Watch As Melania Appears To Give Trump A Look After Trump Joked At G7 That She Really Enjoyed The French Wine

He'll regret that when they get home.

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It’s not uncommon for Melania Trump to get caught mean-mugging her husband. And can anyone really blame her? The man is a massive piece of shit. We’ve seen how he treats minorities and women in the public eye — and it is not good. So, truthfully, I can only imagine what fresh hell Melania is subjected to on the regular behind closed doors.

For the most part, she does at least try to make it appear as though she can stomach the mere thought of her spouse. But y’all, that facade is slipping. Quickly. Lately, it seems like she can’t even tolerate holding his hand long enough for a photo op, much less actually show him genuine affection.

But sometimes, folks, she does us all a solid and shoots that man an “eat shit” look that’s worthy of an award.


Trump held a joint press conference today with French President Emmanuel Macron as part of the G7 Summit that the Trumps are currently attending in France with Donald’s fellow world leaders.

During this press conference, one French press-member recalled Melania indulging in a glass of wine while on their trip, and used this as a jumping point to question Donald, “can you perhaps give up on your threat to put sanctions on French wine?”

Trump dodged the question in true Trumpian style, but didn’t seem to have a problem throwing his mail order bride straight under the bus, replying “I can confirm that the First Lady loved your French wine.”

While his quip elicited some rounds of laughter out of the crowd, it’s pretty safe to say that the butt of the joke, Melania herself, was not amused:

Any bets on whether she’s secretly hoping he tanks in 2020 so she doesn’t have to put up with four more years of his sorry ass?

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