Internet Responds To An Image Of Trump Getting Out Of His Car “He’s A Hot Mess”

We don't call him the 'toddler-in-chief' for nothing.

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Donald Trump is a petty, little man. Big emphasis on the petty. And nothing in this world fills me with as much joy as the opportunity to exploit and subsequently laugh at that fact.

Trump is currently spending his last day in France for the G7 Summit and he’s done a very fine job of humiliating himself in virtually every way imaginable. He’s been publicly called out by the European Council President, Donald Tusk, on his unhealthy obsession with Russia, he’s made a complete fool out of himself in front of French President Emmanuel Macron who attempted to talk actual policy with the dimwit only to be met with blabber about the weather, he’s been caught wearing high-heels, put on his very bestest pouty face for all of his fellow world leaders to see during the meeting, and even tweeted some bullshit about the “fake news” in the middle of a televised event with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The list truly does go on and on and on and on…

It really is no wonder that none of them were looking forward to spending a long weekend with the dumbass.


But none of that really, truly grinds Donald Trump’s gears quite as much as his short stature does. It’s even been reported in the past that Trump has an issue with his youngest son Barron for that very same reason — he’s taller than his dad.

So all of us folks here at home really get an extra level of enjoyment when something really highlights his vertical challenge.

Something like this photo right here:

Y’all, that looks eerily reminiscent of my 5-year-old trying to hop out of her dad’s truck! His chubby little legs are just dangling away. Nowhere near the ground. And I officially can’t breathe from the laughter.

Twitter had one hell of a field day with it too:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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