Trump Gives Babbling, Incoherent Speech At Pentagon: “Infantroopen,” “Lawmarkers”

He has completely lost it!

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The status of Donald Trump’s mental health has been a serious concern since day one. It’s certainly not uncommon for him to mumble and blubber on about things that make absolutely no sense anywhere other than inside his own head. But after Trump’s most recent speech, it seems that the pressures of Mueller’s testimony yesterday — as well as continued, relentless investigations by the House Oversight Committee and several other entities — are beginning to really get to him.

Trump may have just completely cracked today during a speech at the Pentagon in which his words were so mangled and confused that the public is having trouble determining what exactly it was he was even trying to say.

During one part of the speech, Trump appears to be saying “and the combat infratroopen badge for his service.”


Donald then went on to refer to lawmakers as ” lawmarkers.”

“He has worked in both houses of Congress advising lawmarkers. I can see he had some talent because he won. Was it ninety-eight to what? No, you got ninety right? Can you believe it?” Trump stated during the Pentagon address.

Republicans are attempted to push the narrative that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony was yet another victory in the bag for Donald Trump and his administration. But to say the least, Trump is really struggling today. We’re not sure if the dementia is finally taking hold or if he’s finally just lost every last one of his marbles after Mueller’s testimony yesterday. But whatever is going on, it isn’t good. It’s funny enough to watch, but it’s important that we don’t forget — this man is running our country.

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