Nancy Pelosi Responds To Bill Barr At Congressional Hearing After He Asked If She “Brought Her Handcuffs”

Now is not the time for him to be poking the bear.

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Attorney General Bill Barr has been a pretty smug asshole lately. And why wouldn’t he be? When you’re vaulted to the top by none other than the president himself, you can get away with things like distorted summaries, almost completely redacted reports, false exonerations of obstruction charges, and blatant violations of congressional subpoenas.

Barr has been so pleased with himself in fact, that he’s even been comfortable joking about the whole situation. Just recently at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s going away party, Barr quipped about breaking records as the first attorney general to be held in contempt within their first 100 days.  Now it seems that he’s gotten so comfortable in his wicked ways that he decided to pour fuel directly on the fire — the fire in this instance being House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Attorney General Bill Barr ran into Pelosi recently at a law enforcement memorial ceremony and decided to press his luck by asking the House Speaker if she “brought your handcuffs.”


New York Times Congressional reporter Nicholas Fandos interviewed a bystander after the encounter between Pelosi and Barr who stated that Pelosi smiled at the attorney general and informed him that, should an arrest be needed, the Seargent at Arms was present. According to the witness, Barr laughed at Pelosi’s reply and walked away.

Of course, Barr made the quip in reference to the fact that he refused to follow a subpoena and appear in the U.S. House of Representatives to give testimony about his interactions with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and resulted in the Judiciary Committee moving to hold him in contempt.

While we can’t say with certainty that Pelosi will eventually have Barr arrested by the Seargent at Arms and thrown in a jail cell underneath the Capitol Building, we can let her own words speak for themselves:

“Attorney General Barr’s decision to mislead the public in his testimony to Congress was not a technicality — it was a crime.”

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