Twitter Responded After Trump Tweeted A Thank You… To Himself

The fuse is lit, my friends, but there is no dynamite.

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I mean, the day just doesn’t end in “y” if Donald Trump hasn’t sent out at least one bizarre, nonsense tweet with random thoughts, incorrect capitalization, and various other signs that would normally be interpreted as indicators of mental illness if anyone else did it, but which we ignore for some reason with Trump.

He’s been on a kick lately, with tweets that are either indicative of a serious mental decline, or of a MASSIVE Messiah complex.

Like talking to himself. What is up with that? There’s nothing normal about that, but America’s prescription for crazy pills must have just come in — nobody’s doing anything about it. And it’s not like we didn’t have precursors to the whole “I’m the chosen one” thing. Just a couple of months ago, Trump literally thanked himself on social media:


Of course, the thing he was thanking himself for — or was he suggesting to us what we should be saying? — had nothing to do with him, or even the economy of the United States. But Trump would never let pesky details like that get in the way of a good self-compliment.

Well, Twitter will never let the earliness of the hour get in the way of verbally smacking down the President for being a dumbass. And honestly, with all of the crap that comes out of HIM that I have to cover since I write the news, this stuff is just the best part of my day:

But of course, Trump filters out replies that aren’t full of praise, and besides, he’s trying to get his ability to block people on Twitter back anyway.

Hey, thanks for shutting the hell up for a little while, Mr. President.

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