Lindsey Graham On Trump’s Racist Remarks: “That’s Just The Way He Is.”

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Donald Trump’s decision to launch a racist attack against four Congresswomen of color on Twitter recently and then turn around to double down on that rhetoric in public has really caused an all-out cluster fuck in our government. So far, the group of Congresswomen, aptly named the “Squad,” have held a press conference to acknowledge the race-fueled abuse they’ve received from the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called Congress to a vote to condemn his remarks as racist, and quite frankly, all but just a couple of Republicans don’t even know what to do with themselves. And Senator Lindsey Graham is at the front and center of that group.

The relationship between President Trump and Senator Graham is a tricky one. Until Donald took office, Graham was one of his biggest critics. Yet, for some reason, no sooner than Trump unpacked his golf bag in the White House, Graham became one of his staunchest supporters. And no one can figure out exactly why.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Graham most likely isn’t supporting Trump of his own accord. Because more and more often now, Lindsey’s facade has been slipping and he’s accidentally made it know his truest, deepest feelings for the president.


Fox News host Jason Donner reported today on Graham’s defense of President Trump in regards to the majority of the country calling him a racist. And according to the senator, Donald isn’t a racist, he’s just a narcissist.

“I really do believe that if you’re a Somali refugee who likes Trump, he’s not gonna say go back to Somalia,” Donner reported Graham saying. “A racist says go back to Somalia because you’re Somali or Muslim or whatever. That’s just the way he is. It’s more narcissism than anything else.”

This statement is similar to an earlier one from the senator in which he claimed that “If you’re a Somali refugee wearing a MAGA hat, you’ll get invited to the White House.”

So this whole debacle proves two points for us — Lindsey Graham knows Donald Trump is a shitbag, he’s just too scared to admit it, and Donald Trump doesn’t have an issue with immigrants, so long as they’re either white or kissing his ass.

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