Republican Source Says Lindsey Graham Has Continued To Support Trump Because He Is Hiding Controversial Past

This is just as disturbing as it sounds.

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It seems as though the only way we ever find out anything important during the Trump presidency is, ironically, through the investigative journalism that Trump constantly decries as “fake news.” In fact, if it weren’t for outlets that produce reports based on insider information, Trump might be much more successful at suppressing damaging information — as he has been with his one-on-one meetings with Putin.

But Trump has been practicing covering up his misdeeds for most of his life. If he hadn’t pursued the presidency, who knows how many more crimes he could have committed without ever beckoning law enforcement to take a closer look?

The rest of the GOP may not be as fortunate as Trump has been. There has been no shortage of speculation that many Republicans must have some secret in their past — ancient or recent — that makes them susceptible to the kind of pressure that should be required to make them sell out their country the way they have for the last two years. And perhaps no Republican is a better example of someone who previously seemed to be at least the political/decorum antithesis of Trump but now seems like a complete Trump sycophant than Lindsey Graham.


Here at DC Tribune, we have written about the possibility that Trump informed Graham a few months ago during a private golf outing at Mar-a-Lago of something incriminating — which could explain why Graham has more recently seemed like such a strong Trump supporter after having so strenuously opposed him during the Republican primary in 2016.

Jon Cooper of the investigative outlet the Democratic Coalition had a theory, though:

Americans clearly do not think much of Senator Graham. But the fact is, even in the period following that Twitter post, we haven’t been able to find a more plausible explanation for Graham’s 180 on Trump than the theory that there’s some very compromising information that someone is in possession of that could sink the South Carolina Senator once and for all.

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