Lindsey Graham Just Accidentally Admitted He Thinks Trump Is Inept

He better watch out!

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Senator Lindsey Graham didn’t trend on Twitter with a hashtag referring to him as a Trump lapdog for no reason. While he used to be a big-time Trump critic, it’s become pretty evident that Donald holds something big over the man’s head, because he absolutely grovels at his feet these days, serving as one of the biggest Trump champions that ever lived.

But every once in a while, despite his near-constant praise for the president, it seems that Graham’s facade slips a little, and he accidentally gives the public a little glimpse into how he truly feels about the man that’s running our country into the ground.

Recently, British Ambassador Kim Darroch has been tangled up in a bit of a scandal after leaked cables to London revealed that Darroch doesn’t think very highly of Donald, which ultimately led to the ambassador’s resignation after a brutal Twitter beat down from Trump — after which it was revealed that Darroch referred to Donald’s administration as “inept” and said that the president radiates insecurity. The surprising part of it all? Senator Graham took to Twitter to defend the outgoing British Ambassador.


“Kim Darroch did an outstanding job as Ambassador and sorry to see he has resigned his post. He got a raw deal from press,” Graham’s tweet read.

Of course, he attempted to smooth it over by blaming things on the press. But that certainly doesn’t negate the fact that he went to bat for Darroch.

Graham went on to defend both Darroch and Trump in regards to Donald’s chances of a second term with a quote from the ambassador comparing POTUS to the Terminator.

Washington Post columnist Aaron Blake touched on Graham’s childish vision of the president, pointing out that Darroch’s comments aren’t exactly a compliment, considering even the staunchest Trump haters recognize that he has a shot in 2020.

“But more than that, think about what Graham is saying,” Blake went on. “He’s effectively accusing the media of providing a slanted picture and admitting that Trump was deceived by it.”

“Trump would go on to say he wouldn’t work with Darroch, whom he labeled ‘very stupid’ and ‘a pompous fool.’ Graham’s suggesting that the president of the United States isn’t savvy or disciplined enough to get to the bottom of the whole thing and learn the truth before he lashes out and severs a diplomatic relationship with the ambassador of arguably the No. 1 U.S. ally.”

“In a lot of ways, Graham is saying implicitly — and publicly — what Darroch was saying privately,” Blake ended.

Might want to get back to bootlicking. Mr. Graham. Before you suddenly find yourself “resigning” as well.

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