Trump Advisor Explodes On CBS, Screams At Reporter For Asking Tough Questions About POTUS

This man has serious anger management issues!

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Donald Trump has truly hired the most unhinged, unpleasant, and dishonest people to be in his administration — people who reminded him of himself. And when you watch one of his least likable advisors, Stephen Miller, that couldn’t be more obvious.

Last time he appeared on the show, Miller was practically shouting at CBS Face The Nation‘s host, Margaret Brennan, as he grew increasingly frustrated with the hard questions she was throwing at him about the Affordable Care Act and border security.

During the interview, Brennan remarked on a federal court doing away with part of the Affordable Care Act and said the U.S. Supreme Court would likely appeal the case. Brennan said to Miller:


To be clear you’re predicting that goes to the Supreme Court that the Supreme Court ultimately strikes it down.”

Miller responded, “I believe that’s it. Because it’s always been unconstitutional.”

Brennan pressed, “Technically this decision wasn’t possible until the tax wall was put into place. Will the president instruct Republican governors to implement the law until there is a replacement?”

Miller defended Trump:

ObamaCare was a disaster! Fortunately, again, the president has taken particular action to bring down the price of insurance on the exchanges. But Obamacare never worked. For example, even on issue of preexisting conditions, American families earning $80,000 a year have to pay exorbitant out of pocket costs if they have preexisting conditions.”

Brennan noted, “Then those preexisting conditions protections are also gone” which caused Miller to fire back, “A flawed law would be off the books!”

Miller was combative during this entire interview, but things grew particularly uncomfortable when the topic of immigration came up. Brennan brought up the 7-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala who had died in the custody of border patrol. Brennan asked Miller, “Who bears responsibility for her death?”

Miller not only avoided answering the question, but he actually raised his voice at Brennan as he derailed. He also suggested that this little girl’s death had been a result of “left-wing” court rulings “that incentivize the most vulnerable populations to come to our country.”

Miller is just insane. You can watch him lose his temper in the clip below:

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