GOP Lawmaker Becomes First Republican To Condemn Trump’s “Racist And Xenophobic” Attacks

It's about time!

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After Trump launched a horrible attack against several Congresswomen over the weekend, telling them all to “go back where they came from,” it’s unsurprisingly been nothing more than very loud crickets from the right side of the fence. Senator Lindsey Graham almost slipped up and said something halfway decent during a Fox and Friends segment this morning in which he said the president should “aim higher,” but quickly covered his tracks, calling Donald’s targets “communists” who hate America.

It was beginning to look as though this Trump fiasco would go down with the Republicans much the same as the rest of them — ignored and swept under the rug. Right along with all the rest of his racist remarks, hiding next to his plethora of rape allegations. Gathering dust. Never to be spoken of by a right-winger again.

But one particular GOPer decided to become the first to break the mold today and call Donald out on his hate, condemning him for his blatantly racist remarks against the Congresswomen.


Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) was asked by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about Trump’s racist, hate-fueled Twitter remarks and Hurd’s response was no holds barred:

“Those tweets are racist and xenophobic,” he answered. “They’re also inaccurate. The four women he’s referring to are actually citizens of the United States.”

Hurd went on to chastise Donald for taking part in schismatic behavior that should be beneath that of someone holding his position in the White House.

“It’s also behavior that’s unbecoming of the leader of the free world,” the Republican lawmaker proclaimed. “He should be talking about things that unite, not divide us.”

Since Hurd’s condemnation, Senator Mitt Romney has also taken a stand, tweeting, “The president’s comments were destructive, demeaning, and disunifying. The President of the United States has a unique and noble calling to unite the American people – of all different races, colors, and national origins. In that respect, the president failed badly.”

That was followed by a second tweet reading, “People can disagree over politics and policy, but telling American citizens to go back to where they came from is over the line.”

Quite frankly, it’s about damn time someone from that side of the field found their spine and told the truth about this abhorrent excuse for a president of this nation. Now it’s high time for the rest of them to follow suit.

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