FBI Is Reportedly Angry Over Trump Tweeting Conspiracy Theory About Epstein’s Death: “Theories Have No Basis In Reality”

They seem to hate him as much as we do.

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Donald Trump has been shaking in his boots since he discovered that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell — despite the fact that he was supposed to have been on suicide watch after a previous attempt at taking his own life.

And Trump is scared for good reason, folks. Regardless of repeated claims otherwise, he and Epstein were damn good buddies back in the day — with numerous pictures, videos, and reported rape charge documents that include Donald’s name proving as much. Now that Epstein is no longer alive and investigators are still exploring all of the evidence he left behind in his death (instead of sweeping it all under the rug as we’re sure Trump was really hoping for), Trump is undoubtedly concerned that his days outside of a jail cell are numbered.

So, in an attempt to move the public eye off of him and all of his transgressions, Donald is striving to redirect both the attention and the blame to one of his most favorite scapegoats, the Clintons, by peddling right-wing conspiracy theories that suggest the former POTUS and 2016 Democratic running mate were somehow involved in Epstein’s untimely demise.


And as it turns out, the FBI is furious about it.

According to a report from Business Insider, a current FBI agent, who requested that his identity remain concealed to give him the ability to speak freely on Donald Trump stated, “The Epstein case was hypercharged from the get-go. The last thing investigators need is the president of the United States fanning the flames with these bulls— theories that have no basis in reality.”

In addition to the comments from a current FBI agent, recently retired FBI special agent, Frank Montoya Jr. also identified Trump’s actions as “crazy talk coming from no less than the President of the United States.”

“This would be a bad TV melodrama if it weren’t real,” Montoya added. “The world is watching. Trump may be successfully fooling a third of America with his sociopathic antics, but everyone else… sees how naked the Emperor is, and they are exploiting the advantage.”

The FBI has every right to be angry, considering we have no doubt that Trump and his entire administration (Hey, hey, hey, Bill Barr!) is doing everything they can to once again obstruct a federal investigation. And Trump tweeting conspiracy nut nonsense certainly isn’t helping a thing.

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