Trump Selling “Fredo Unhinged” Shirts On His Campaign Website After Chris Cuomo Video

Mighty mature for the president of the United States.

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Donald Trump has been feuding with CNN since before the Russians locked the presidency in for him. But Donald has done what he does best and taken that beef a step further after a video of CNN journalist Chris Cuomo went viral, in which Cuomo was seen confronting and yelling at a stranger and apparent Trump supporter who referred to him as “Fredo” — a term that hails from a character in “The Godfather” and Cuomo has described as an ethnic slur against Italians.

Since the video began making its rounds on social media, Trump has taken to his trusty Twitter account to ridicule Cuomo’s experience and launch yet another attack against the CNN network for defending their journalist.

Ironically enough, Trump (who is the undefeated master of temper tantrums and blow-ups) jumped on Cuomo’s outburst at the man in which he stated, “I’ll (expletive) throw you down these stairs like a (expletive) punk,” as an opportunity to escalate the fight between himself, Cuomo, and the network by claiming that the journalist “lost it.” As if he doesn’t “lose it” at least half a dozen times a week.


However, the CNN journalist ultimately showed the difference in a decent, mature, adult human being and Donald Trump when he responded by apologizing for his actions, stating on Twitter, “I should be better than the guys baiting me.”

Then Trump took the opposite approach and used the ordeal to make a pretty penny for his campaign by selling t-shirts featuring the slur against Cuomo.

Thirty-four bucks for a racist-ass shirt? Sounds exactly like something Trump would do.

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