Trump Seems To Scold Sean Hannity In Latest Tweet For Defending CNN Anchor

Sean did NOT see that coming.

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As probably every person with any flavor of social media account has seen by now, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was caught on tape last night while he was out with his family, being accosted by someone who recognized him and decided to taunt and insult him.

Unfortunately for Chris, it seems he’s feeling bad about having taken the bait, because he went a little overboard with his attacker, cursing him out and threatening to come to blows with him.


And in fact, many of us didn’t really see that he’d done a whole lot wrong — the guy who came up to him was pretending not to know his name and using vaguely ethnic slurs and just generally being a dick. I actually might have just socked the dude myself.

One defender that nobody saw coming was Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who usually spends his own time attacking CNN as “fake news”:

Now, if that made you almost not hate Sean Hannity for like 2-½ seconds, brace yourself, because this sure does look like Donald Trump, Hannity’s BFF, Secret Santa, and Valentine all rolled into one, dressing down his right-wing mouthpiece for coming to Cuomo’s defense:

Ignore the massive hypocrisy of Trump calling anyone out for swearing for just a few minutes, so you can revel in the schadenfreude of watching Donnie get pissed at Seanie.

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