“Trump 2020” Campaign Banners Are Being Made Not In The U.S., But In China

Someone call Alanis and ask her if this qualifies for her song, because it seems ironic.

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The problem with running for re-election is that you can’t use any of your old stuff. Out go all the unused yard signs with “2016” on them, or if your seat has been redistricted, all the mailers that say you’re in the 4th when you’re now in the 7th — you get it. But even if everything stays the same and you, a total genius, never put the year on your printed campaign supplies, you get to start all over from scratch if you pull some genius move like come up with a first election slogan that requires you to change it before you can run again.

That’s where Donald Trump is right now. He ran on “Make America Great Again,” and if he uses the same slogan, there’s nothing stopping his opponents from asking the obvious question: Hey, you had four years, any progress on that whole “great” thing yet?

So last year, Trump unveiled his new slogan, which, let me tell you, clearly required a very stable genius to write — “Keep America Great.” See, because he already did the… well, you get the picture.


Now, Donald Trump is in no way opposed to spending other people’s money. Heck, he’s delivered more than $100 million in taxpayer cash unto the coffers of, let’s see… oh, his own golf courses. Okay, that seems excessive, but moving on. Taxpayer money is one thing, though. Campaign money you can’t just take. You have to ask people for it. And there are all these rules about how much they can give you, and who can collect it for you, and whether you can spend this money from these guys over here or whether that money has to be used over there.

You have to pinch pennies.

I assume that’s the reasoning behind Trump having the massive flags that all of his dumbass patriotic supporters love so much made in China. You know, those flags that always seem to be flying in parallel with the stars and bars in the bed of an F350 with III-percenter stickers in the back window and Yosemite Sam on the mudflaps?

Jiahao Flag Company in Fuyang, China had already made around 90,000 “Trump 2020: Keep America Great!” flags by this time last year, according to a Reuters report, and the reasoning behind it makes a perverse economic sense that Don is probably not even aware of: The factory making his own campaign gear is rushing production to beat the tariffs he’s been imposing on China.

Of course, the irony of the story is that flags made in China kind of “fly in the face of” Trump’s populist message to this country — buy American, hire American — but irony is lost on Trump.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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