Trump Speaking At A Shell Plant Tells Executive He Doesn’t Know Where Shell Is Based: “I Don’t Know Where The Hell He Comes From”

RIP my IQ points.

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Donald Trump is paying a visit to the Shell cracker plant in Pittsburgh — where, once construction is finished, natural gas will be broken down to make plastic pellets.

Yesterday, Shell Pennsylvania’s External Relations Director Michael Marr told KDKA “We’re really excited the President of the United States is coming. It’s really the opportunity for our workers to showcase all the good work they’re doing to build a new facility that will have jobs in this region for years and generations to come.”

But after Trump showed up and opened his mouth, we’ve got a sneaking feeling that Marr and the rest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania probably aren’t so fond of him anymore.


Trump’s speech had barely begun before the stupidity and downright ignorance began to flow forth from his mouth — So, basically, it was your typical Trump speech where Donald made a complete fool out of himself without much effort at all.

As it turns out, Trump doesn’t know Shell from a random hole in the ground.

According to a report from Twitter, when speaking with a Shell executive at the Shell plant, Donald stated, “I don’t know where the hell he comes from.” Followed immediately by, “Hey, how about moving Shell to the United States?” before adding that he “knows they have a US arm.”

Look, we all know that Donald Trump is a blazing fucking idiot. At this point, I’m quite certain that even his supporters are well aware of that. They just don’t want to have to go back to being closeted racists so they act as though he’s some sort of genius.

But seriously, even knowing how downright stupid the man is, it’s hard not to go crosseyed wondering how in the hell we managed to wind up with him “leading” our nation.

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