Unearthed Video Shows Trump Partying With Epstein Surrounded By Models During Private Party

This is FAR more disgusting than Trump has let on.

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A damning video from the NBC News archives found its way to the morning news shows today on MSNBC, primarily on Morning Joe, where host Mika Brzezinski gravely walks viewers through footage of Donald Trump in 1992 at his posh Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago.

The grainy film depicts the real estate magnate partying with a large group of models shortly after his divorce from Ivanka was finalized — which means, of course, that he was dating Marla Maples, the woman who was the reason he left his three oldest children’s mother in the first place.

But halfway through the throwback footage, another face shows up at the party: Jeffrey Epstein, about a decade before he would plead guilty to the sex crime charges that landed him on the national offender registry. Epstein is accompanied by Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman accused of helping him lure and entrap young women into sexual servitude. Variously, the footage cuts to scenes of Trump and Epstein remarking from afar on the women in their view, commenting on their looks and saying things between themselves that are clearly funny to them, but which still necessitate whispering.


The President has done his best to distance himself from Epstein since news broke of new charges against the pedophile offender in the state of New York. But curiously, ties keep popping up between Trump or his inner circle and Epstein’s “squad” that have taken place far more recently than what the President’s statements would indicate.

Here’s an image, for example, of Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway just before a New Year’s Eve party with Epstein’s personal pilot:

That’s not just recent — that’s after Donald Trump was elected president. Obviously, Trump’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein go much, much further than the President and his handlers are willing to let on.

Featured image via screen capture

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