Trump’s Personal Driver Of Over 20 Plus Years Is Suing POTUS For Unpaid Overtime

Evidence that Trump is a sociopath has stacked so high at this point, it is his own monument.

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If there are only a few things we know about Trump as far as his business practices go, they pretty much boil down to this: He thinks every success is because of him personally — his brand, his salesmanship — and that anything people buy at least one of is a success; he is, as a matter of history, terrible at everything he ever does and has no idea this is the case; he makes his money by refusing to pay debts.

It’s the last part that comes back to haunt him the most — Trump and his businesses have been defendants in over 3,500 legal cases, an overwhelming majority of which center around his refusal to pay people who have already completed work for him.

But the litany of contractors, builders, painters, caterers, planners, and people from across the spectrum of the service industry are meaningless to him. In Trump’s mind, those people’s very existence hinges on filling his needs. It’s the ones who have been personally employed to do things unrelated to one of his businesses that are most harmed by his habit of skipping out on debts.


That’s why the lawsuit by his former limo driver says more than just that Donald Trump is cheap.

When Noel Cintron filed suit for 6 years’ worth of overtime pay he never received from his employer, the fact that it was only 6 years’ worth was because the statute of limitations had expired for the years prior to then — he’d gone on believing for too long that he would be paid what he was owed. In fact, I don’t know how long Cintron was being cheated out of his overtime pay, but it could be a heck of a lot since he was Trump’s driver for twenty-five years.

How on earth do you ride passenger in a car driven by the same guy for more than two DECADES, look him square in the eye every time he opens your door so you can leave the vehicle like the dictator of a tiny island nation, and decide that he, his family, and his entire existence aren’t real enough for you to consider giving him the money you owe him?

Well, in Cintron’s very own words, you put on:

[An] utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement and without even a minimal sense of noblesse oblige.”

In other words, you act like a filthy rich so-and-so who thinks even the people he’s closest to are subhuman.

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