Federal Document Has Surfaced Showing Trump Practiced Housing Discrimination In NYC

Proof positive that he's always been a racist.

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Evidently, Donald Trump’s racism isn’t limited to Congress members that dare to defy or challenge him. According to uncovered documents, Donald couldn’t even find it in himself to abide by the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and ultimately found himself entangled in a 2-year court battle, alongside his father Fred Trump, beginning in 1973 after the pair schemed to blatantly and knowingly ignore the Act.

The Trumps ultimately settled with the federal government — a settlement that covered 9,050 apartment units that were part of Fred and Donald’s New York City real estate rental corporation, which housed a mere 399 minority residents in a staggering 35 properties.

While it’s certainly clear that Donald hails from some seriously shady family business practices, it’s worth noting that he was not a mere pawn in his father’s game — Trump was personally named as a defendant in the federal government’s Fair Housing Complaint, ultimately serving as one of two bosses that were sued in the complaint.


The Times reported that 68 percent of the total of 14,000 units owned by the Trump family in 1973 fell under the Fair Housing Act settlement.

Only a very small group of minority tenants resided in a handful of Trump properties, one building held just over half of its capacity with non-white residents, while 24 out of the 36 buildings covered in the lawsuit and 1975 settlement almost completely excluded minority tenants altogether.

Five Trump buildings housed no minorities whatsoever, and over half of them had less than ten non-white residents in buildings that averaged 263 units apiece.

Donald has long been disputing these claims, citing settlement confidentiality as an excuse to avoid full disclosure. However, public record documents have proven that Donald and his father settled a federal Fair Housing Act lawsuit because most of his properties had little to no minority tenants. Records show that the Trumps purposely denied access to Trump building to African-Americans and continued to employ the shady tactic of cramming almost all of their minority tenants into one or two properties even after the lawsuit was settled — ultimately resulting in another lawsuit from the Open Housing Center of New York in 1984, which was also settled.

This is proof positive that Donald Trump has always been this way. It’s not limited to Congresspeople or those that ruffle his feather. He’s a racist dickbag. Period. Always has been. Always will be. And he’s running our country on these principles.

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