Trump Just Hung Photo Of Dictator On Wall Of The West Wing

What a sad moment in American history.

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Mark it down on your calendars, folks: July 15th was a big day for the Trump administration. Not only did he publicly double down on the most racist thing said by a President in modern memory, not only did he blatantly lie about sitting members of Congress, not only did he attempt to claim that if you want to improve America in any way that you simply hate it and should leave, but he hung a picture in the halls of the White House that perhaps explains why he did all of that.

Everyone knew long ago that Trump at the very least admires Vladimir Putin, even if it’s never proven that he was in bed with him outright during the 2016 election. Trump’s fondness for Rodrigo Duterte and Jair Bolsonaro, the fascist leaders of the Philippines and Brazil, is well-documented. He’s expressed admiration for the way Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared himself president for life. Trump’s had friendly chats with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President that once jailed Miss Turkey for criticizing him.

But none of those guys has a picture of them hanging in the West Wing. That honor is reserved for literally the only leader in the world who governs an actual totalitarian regime, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.


The dictator that Trump once derided as “Little Rocket Man” has become something of a benchmark for his success as President, since he claims that he has “denuclearized” North Korea. Of course, no such thing has happened, and every time Trump stops paying attention to “Chairman” Kim, he starts blowing things up and executing people again.

Again, because he is a dictator.

So what does it look like when an American President mounts photos of corrupt foreign leaders inside our most hallowed political halls?

It looks pretty sad indeed.

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