Trump Just Said Congresswomen Who Were Targets Of His Racist Tweets Should Apologize To Him

He's out of his mind.

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In a classic case of reversal of guilt, Donald Trump said on Monday that the women who were victims of his racist attack on Sunday — the Justice Democrats Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez known as “The Squad” — should apologize not just to America, but to the country of Israel and even personally to him.

Rep. Omar was actually the true target of his racist attack on Sunday. Trump and Republicans are made exceedingly uncomfortable by Omar’s headscarf and by the depth of brown her skin is. This is a political party whose gradations of fear can be measured not only by color but by how dark that color is.

His renewed attack came after having tweeted a series of followups on Sunday:


But he failed to get the rise out of the women that his tweets were intended to generate, instead prompting reasonable responses from each, including a solid psychoanalysis from the New York quarter of The Squad:

But Monday’s attack was both ironic and hideous:

Foul language? You mean like calling the country Rep. Omar was born in — long before she was ever elected to public office, before he even knew her name — a “shithole”? That kind of foul language?

His mentions of Israel, of course, are prompted by the lies that were spread by Republicans after Rep. Tlaib’s comments about a Jewish lobbying group were deliberately misinterpreted by the right and even by the right-wing current leader of Israel.

All this talk of racism leaves the taste of iron in my mouth as America continues to watch the Trump administration lock away and torture asylum seekers at the southern border and conduct violent raids with the enforcement arm of Trump’s racist goon squad, ICE.

Trump’s remarks have, of course, been roundly condemned by Democrats while Republicans have remained completely silent, content to hold on to power no matter the cost of their souls.

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