Lindsey Graham Tries To Defend Trump’s Racist Comments, Causes Outrage On Social Media: He “Has Gone Full-On Klan”

You can't have it both ways, Senator Lapdog.

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Senator Lindsey Graham just can’t seem to decide which side of the fence he wants to be on when it comes to the joke that’s residing in our White House.

If you recall, before Trump, with more than a little help from Russia, took his place as the president of the United States, Senator Graham wasn’t so fond of the man. In fact, he was one of his biggest critics. However, no sooner than Donald moved his golf bag into the Oval Office, Graham took to groveling at his feet, and no one really knows why — though there has been some speculation over some sexual kinks of the senator’s that Trump may be holding over his head.

These days, it seems that Graham’s facade is slowly slipping away from him — more and more often he struggles to keep up the appearance of a staunch Trump supporter. And sometimes, we can actually catch a glimpse into his internal war.


Over the weekend Donald sent out a series of blatantly racist tweets aimed at four Democratic women lawmakers who Donald said should “go back where they came from.”

This morning, Senator Graham attempted to respond to Donald’s racism-fueled attack on Trump-safe-space Fox and Friends by essentially trying to have his cake and eat it too.

He first reprimanded the president, saying he should “aim higher” only to turn and refer to Donald’s targets as “communist.”

“We all know that AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)] and this crowd are a bunch of communists. They hate Israel, they hate our own country, they’re calling the guards along our border concentration camp guards… they’re anti-Semitic, they’re anti-America,” Graham stated.

Twitter users were, of course, quick to jump all over Graham’s blatant hypocrisy, pointing out that it seems there’s literally nothing that Captain bone spurs can do that Graham won’t ultimately defend:

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