Leaked Memo Shows Trump Backed Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal Just “To Spite Obama”

We've always known it was the case but never had outside confirmation.

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In his ongoing fight with now-resigned UK Ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch, it became apparent last night just exactly why Donald Trump was so upset about the memos from Darroch that leaked to the media, with the most incendiary claim coming to light late in the evening on the BBC wire service.

In the newest memo to surface, Darroch is shown explaining to a superior back home that Trump appeared to be backing out of the Obama-negotiated US/Iran nuclear deal just because Obama had been the one to hammer out the compromise.

The UK government had cautioned journalists against further leaks, telling them that they could result in a police action for offenses in violation of the Official Secrets Act, for which there is no defense based on relaying information “for the public good,” as so often is the case in whistleblower leaks.


Despite that warning, the Mail on Sunday published a report on the latest leak, saying that Darroch had characterized Trump’s actions as “an act of diplomatic vandalism.” Sir Kim, upon returning to London, had sent a diplomatic telegram to Number 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the British government (and residence of the Prime Minister) saying that Trump appeared to be abandoning the deal for “personality reasons” — something that Americans opposed to this President have long suspected but never had any official confirmation for.

Indeed, most if not all of Trump’s actions in the first two years of his term have appeared to have taken place simply in an effort to overturn the accomplishments of the last President, although it is not known whether Trump is honestly neurotic enough to hate a man he doesn’t know sufficiently to attempt to destroy his legacy out of spite, or whether Trump has been coached by handlers in the GOP — who have more than proven their hatred for Obama through years of obstructionism and thinly-veiled racism from the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party.

If confirmed — though none could possibly imagine what it would take to confirm an allegation such as this — the pullout from the Iran deal would certainly represent a more clear and present danger to the United States than any of the other Obama-thwarting acts Trump has carried out in what can only be described as the pettiest administration ever to occupy the White House.

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