Parents Of Students At UN School Don’t Want Their Kids In Photo-Op With Melania During Visit

Can you blame them?!

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As it turns out, Donald Trump isn’t the only member of the corrupt First Family that people just really don’t want to be associated with.

You’ll recall that Donald himself has been pretty publicly humiliated when it comes to attempting to meet with people for a variety of reasons — because no one wants to be around him. The aftermath of the Ohio and El Paso shootings were prime examples. Donald attempted to go meet with the survivors some four days after the tragedies but ended up getting little more than a photo-op with some (most likely hired actors) nurses and an orphaned baby who didn’t even have a choice in the matter because literally no one else wanted to see his face.

And now it seems that Donald’s bad reputation and unpopularity is beginning to rub off on his wife Melania. You combine her husband’s numerous atrocities with the fact that she’s been cruel enough to do shit like wearing an “I don’t really care. Do you?” jacket during a visit to imprisoned children at our southern border, and quite frankly, people don’t really like her either.


Melania is scheduled to tour the Stock Exchange and ring the opening bell on Monday as part of the first day of the UN Climate Summit and evidently she wants ten students from the United Nations International School to tag along with her so hopefully, she appears like a caring, decent human being if she’s surrounded by children.

But parents and administrators of the UN school aren’t so keen on the idea, as they’re now seeking a diplomatic solution to a standoff over the invitation.

“I am profoundly disappointed by the decision to accept this invitation,” one parent and UN worker wrote in a letter to a UN undersecretary-general.

She went on to add in her letter that others are also concerned that the children’s’ “appearance together with the First Lady confers, by extension, on this U.S. administration, the endorsement of our school and our community.”

The concerned parents’ letter also goes on to note that the school literally organized grief counseling and special activities for their students as a result of Donald Trump’s presidential win.

“The sentiment is extremely strong,” one portion of the parent’s letter read before she went on to state that the school never should have accepted the invitation in the first place.

It seems that they have absolutely no interest in allowing their children to become political photo props for this disgusting administration.

And we say kudos to them.

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