Trump Arrived In California And There Was Anything But A “Huge Crowd” Waiting For Him

We bet that was embarrassing!

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If there’s anything Donald Trump really loves to brag about, it’s the size of his crowds. He loves to gloat on them so much so that oftentimes he prattles on about them when it’s really actually nothing to write home about — but nevertheless, if the crowd size is small he just does a little embellishing, gets someone to do a little photoshopping, and carries on about himself as though nothing ever happened, continuing to claim that people showed up in droves to express their love and support.

And that’s pretty much exactly what you can expect to happen in regard to his recent trip to California.

Yesterday morning, Donald arrived in Mountain View, California, marking his first visit to the Bay Area in the nearly three years that he’s been president, where he’s scheduled to attend some fundraisers both in the Bay Area as well as southern California — a notably blue state that Trump hasn’t had many nice things to say about.


Reports have indicated that Donald will be participating in a luncheon in both the Bay Area and San Diego, but otherwise, his campaign has yet to release much of any details surrounding the fundraising events.

However, he’s supposedly expected to rake in around $15 million in funding during his two-day visit.

And here’s where we get to the funny part.

As Donald disembarked Air Force One, donning one of his signature golden ties, he managed to dodge even a single question from reporters as he shook hands with the likes of RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, her spouse Sarvjit Randhawa, and Robin Aube-Warren, the associate director of NASA Ames Research Center. And, of course, he took a moment to stop and waved at his gathered fans who were chanting “USA.”

But despite the fact that he’s almost guaranteed to take to Twitter and brag about the warm welcome from thousands of California citizens that he received as he left the plane — the turn out was actually pretty damn sad.

NBC Bay Area reporter Marianne Favro posted a photograph to her Twitter of the “crowd” that had gathered for Donald’s arrival — and it was a disappointing one, at best:

It’s really no surprise that Californians weren’t chomping at the bit to see the bloated dictator wannabe waddle his fat ass off an airplane — considering he’s been nothing less than a straight-up dick towards the state since pretty much day one.

But I’ll tell ya what — witnessing humiliating sized Trump crowds never really gets old.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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