Ivanka Acts Like Her Daddy’s Vice President, Addresses The Troops In South Korea

So awkward!

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The fact that Ivanka Trump is currently even sitting in South Korea right now says a lot more about the relationship between her and her father than I’m sure I even want to know. But nevertheless, it’s far from the first time.

Ivanka has ridden her daddy’s coattails all the way to the UK for Trump’s state visit with the Queen, she made a complete fool of herself when she tried to sound smart and fit in with the educated crowd at the G20 Summit just yesterday, and now she’s hot on his heels in South Korea. Nevermind all of the official jobs that Donald’s so inappropriately handed to his daughter in the last two years — the woman ultimately sounds a lot more like the president’s mistress whom he’s trying to keep quiet than she does his child. But I digress.

While in South Korea today, Donald introduced his daughter and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to an audience of Air Force personnel at Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek when he compared the two of them to “Beauty and the Beast.”


“Mike, come up here Mike,” Trump said to Pompeo before turning back to address the crowd. “And you know who else we have here, Ivanka — alright come up Ivanka,” to a round of applause from the audience.

“What a beautiful couple — Mike — Beauty and the Beast,” he said as the pair made their way to the podium.

Despite the complete creepiness of that interaction, Twitter is seriously wondering what in the hell Ivanka is doing there addressing a crowd of people like some makeshift vice president, as her daddy’s “domestic advisor,” when her spoiled, waste of a good trust fund ass was playing with purses in New York just a couple of years ago.

You can watch the painfully awkward interaction here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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