Ivanka Looked Visibly Uncomfortable As She Tried To Carry On Conversation With World Leaders Who Ignored Her

No one wants to talk to her.

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Ivanka Trump has a bad habit of riding her daddy’s coattails wherever he goes. And he doesn’t seem to mind. So long as he can ogle her whenever he pleases, daddy will give his princess all the jobs she’s not qualified for and the trips (she has no business being on) that her spoiled little trust fund fueled heart could desire — the UN that she’s currently impeding on being a fine example of such.

However, all of daddy’s love in the world can’t make the broad any smarter.

While on her father’s heels at this year’s G20 Summit in Japan, Ivanka gave a speech on women’s empowerment (HA!) to Japan’s President Shinzo, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and her beaming daddy dearest.


“We believe that women’s inclusion in the economy is not solely a social justice issue, which of course it is. It’s also smart economic and defense policy,” Ivanka said in her address.

“We must continue to prioritize women’s economic empowerment and place it at the very heart of the G-20 agenda,” she continued as several world leaders including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May looked on.

Donald’s eldest and most favorite daughter went on to point out that global annual gross domestic product could raise between $12 trillion and $28 trillion by 2025 should women participate in the labor markets on an equal platform to men — citing research that shows states with higher female participation are less likely to resort to violence or military forces when settling international disputes.

“This is a legacy worth fighting for and a future we can be proud to leave to our children,” she added.

However, the really awkward part came after Ivanka wrapped up her speech and attempted to mingle with the crowd — where she obviously wasn’t welcomed or well-received.

Being the president’s daughter doesn’t make you anymore likable, sweetie. In fact, being this president’s daughter makes you one of the most hated people on earth by mere association.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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