Trump Gets Brutally Destroyed For Bragging That North Koreans Were “Literally In Tears” When He Stepped Into Their Country

Those weren't tears of joy.

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Donald Trump spent his last few hours of the G20 Summit on Twitter begging North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for a date at the border between North and South Korea — claiming he just wanted to “shake hands and say hello.” So, basically, a photo-op that everyone could scream over. And since one good dictator loves another, Jong Un’s people responded fairly quickly to accept Donald’s plea — and he hasn’t stopped tooting his own horn since.

Before Trump had even departed Japan for South Korea, he gave a press conference after the G20 Summit in which he boasted about the North Korean dictator following his beloved Twitter account and responding to his invitation so quickly.

After Trump arrived at the North/South Korean border, Jong Un invited him to cross over into North Korea — a first for any sitting American president. And Donald isn’t about to let a single soul forget it.


During a speaking engagement today, Donald claimed that his steps into North Korean territory were so historic that he noticed that many North Koreans were “literally in tears.”

Trump kicked things off by reminding everyone of just how historic a moment his steps into a known dictators territory were and went on to explain how Jong Un asked him to cross over.

“He [Kim Jong Un] asked me: ‘Would you like to do that?’ (cross into North Korea),” Trump recalled.

“And I said it would be my honor,” he continued. “and we did, and we went over the line and turned around and everybody was so happy.”

And many people, I noticed from Korea, were literally in tears, crying, crying because it was a big thing. It’s a big thing,” Trump boasted.

Of course, Twitter did their job and completely roasted Trump for bragging about the tears he supposedly saw from throngs of North Koreans. Point out that, if they were in fact crying, it most likely was not tears of joy:

Don’t worry North Korea, we cry when he comes back home, too.

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