Michelle Obama Breaks Her Silence On Trump, Ruins His Chances For Re-Election

This will ruin Trump!

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Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign was laughable the second it began, and it’s even more unbelievable that it hasn’t been called off despite a continuously plummeting approval rating and more failures than we can count. But the person Trump is most afraid of — former First Lady Michelle Obama — has just made sure the president isn’t getting a second term.

Michelle Obama is one of the very few people that Trump is terrified of attacking. While the president has lashed out at Barack Obama on a regular basis, Michelle somehow seems untouchable despite how many times she has spoken out against him. The former FLOTUS sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss her husband’s presidency, their time in the White House, and the experience of being America’s first African American First Family. Michelle said:

When you’re the first of anything, the bar feels higher. You don’t have room to make mistakes.”

Michelle was also candid about how she felt leaving the White House, stating that she had cried for 30 minutes straight when she left for the last time. She also highlighted how carefully she and Barack Obama had worked to lead the country in a dignified manner — something that was clearly lost with Trump.


It was just the release of eight years of feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, that there wasn’t a margin of error, that we couldn’t make mistakes, that we couldn’t slip, that our tone had to be perfect. We knew that we were the moral compass. So we had to speak carefully and clearly and intelligently and we couldn’t just say things off the cuff.”

This led to Colbert asking Michelle about Trump. He asked, “As people who took that moral position seriously, and it is a serious position, how does it feel to see the next occupant, at least of the Oval Office—I can’t speak to anyone else in his family—who seems indifferent to that responsibility?”

The way Michelle responded will define Trump’s presidency. She said:

The question that we have to ask ourselves is how does the country feel about it? I don’t think it matters how I felt about it. I’ve felt torn about it from the day I watched it happen. But now the country has to ask itself, what do we want? What is the bar that we’re setting for ourselves?”

And in one sentence, she ruined Trump’s chances for re-election. She said:

It’s up to the voters now to figure out what kind of moral leadership do we demand in the White House, regardless of party, regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of wherever you are. What do we want our president to look like? How do we want them to act? And if we vote for one set of behavior, that’s obviously what we want until we vote differently.”

It was perfect. Regardless of your political affiliation, the one thing we can all agree on — including Trump supporters — is that Trump has no moral code and his behavior is unpresidential. Highlighting this was a brilliant move from Michelle, and it’s sure to have people rethinking their voting choices. You can watch the clip below:

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