Trump Goes On Manic Twitter Rant, Signals There Is Bad News Coming For Him Out Of New York

He is absolutely scared to death!

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No matter how much or how loudly Donald Trump screams “No collusion! No obstruction!” it won’t change the fact that several different entities across the country still have open investigations against Trump and his family, and they’re using Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report as extra ammo against him. But perhaps the most important entity hot on Trump’s trail is the Southern District of New York. And regardless of Trump’s constant victim rhetoric, he’s shaking in his boots.

Donald proved that he’s fearful today and raised suspicions that SDNY is quickly closing in on him when he sent out a series of crazed, raving tweets in which he attacked New York’s Democratic governor, whom he’s had a few spats with in the past, as well as the state’s attorney general Letitia James, claiming that the pair have harassed him, his family, and their businesses.

“It is very hard and expensive to live in New York,” Trump’s deranged Twitter rant began. “Governor Andrew Cuomo uses his Attorney General as a bludgeoning tool for his own purposes. They sue on everything, always in search of a crime. I even got sued on a Foundation which took Zero rent & expenses & gave away more money than it had.”


“Going on for years, originally brought by Crooked Hillary’s Campaign Chair, A.G. Eric Schneiderman until forced to resign for abuse against women,” he continued in a second tweet. “They never even looked at the disgusting Clinton Foundation.”

“Now Cuomo’s A.G. is harassing all of my New York businesses in search of anything at all they can find to make me look as bad as possible,” Donald added in yet another tweet. “So, on top of ridiculously high taxes, my children and companies are spending a fortune on lawyers. No wonder people and businesses are fleeing New York in record numbers!”

Something is cooking in the state of New York and Donald Trump knows it. We can only imagine he’s pacing the floor’s as his finger frantically type his tantrum out. Let’s just hope this will be the one to finally bring him down.

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