Disgusting Trump Boasted To Tucker Carlson About Sleeping With Black Women: I Like “Chocolate In My Diet”

Admit it — you made a fist just now.

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When author Michael Wolff put out his tell-all Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House last year, the brouhaha it stirred up among Donald Trump and some of his staffers who spoke on the record to Wolff for the book was legendary. In fact, it led to a major falling-out between Trump and his former chief advisor, Steve Bannon, who has gone back to right-wing media outlet Breitbart since his departure from the West Wing.

So who will Trump blame this time around? Wolff has now culled enough from his remaining notes and interviews to put together another book, this time titled Siege: Trump Under Fire (the man apparently likes subtitles).

And like last time around, this one is full of salacious details that Trump and the entire coterie of disgusting, white supremacist, lying dirtbags he surrounds himself with will all ferociously deny. There are plenty, but the one making the rounds right now is something that apparently went down as a sort of dick-measuring contest between Trump and notoriously racist windbag Tucker Carlson.


Like almost every racist on the planet, both Trump and Carlson believe that proximity to people of color automatically absolves them of charges of racism — “I have a black friend,” etc. But Trump took it a step further in a boast to Tucker, disgustingly fetishizing black women as both less than human and his get out of racism jail free card.

The book portrays Trump as sex-obsessed, even quoting him as saying he needed “the opposite of Viagra” because he, well… I’m just gonna stop thinking about that. But one anecdote has Trump bragging to Carlson that he likes to sleep with black women on occasion in order to “get a little chocolate in [his] diet.”

Yeah, gross. In fact, Trump’s tales of interracial conquest might even have worked on some of his friends as proof he wasn’t racist (his friends are stupid racists too) if he hadn’t followed up the story of one such encounter by saying that the next day he was ridiculed for having bedded a woman of color, and that he had to evaluate himself:

[Trump] looked at himself in the mirror and was reassured that nothing had changed – he was still the Trumpster.”

Nothing like starting my week off hating Donald Trump approximately 25 times more than I previously did.

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