New York Governor Fires Back At Trump After POTUS Attacks His State, Puts Him In His Place Beautifully

He's not taking any sh*t from Donald Trump.

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While there are still many people out there that are afraid to stand up to the maniacal tyrant that is Donald Trump, it seems that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is not one of them.

Yesterday, President Trump mocked and ridiculed his own home state for being hurt by the very tax law that Trump himself put into effect. “People are fleeing New York State because of high taxes and yes, even oppression of sorts,” Trump scorned in his tweet. “They didn’t even put up a fight against SALT — could have won.”

Unlike some others that have been subjected to the direct ire of Donald Trump, it didn’t take long for Cuomo to strike back.


The governor of Trump’s home state, that has effectively disowned him in recent years, made an appearance on CNN to strike back at the president’s comments ridiculing the state of New York for not “putting up a fight” against the SALT (state and local tax deduction) caps and essentially call POTUS out on his bullshit lies about Cuomo’s ongoing fight against the SALT cap tax laws — considering the governor has actually gone so far as to appear at the White House to seek a repeal against the tax laws that are destroying his state.

“The president is divorced from facts,” Cuomo responded when the CNN host questioned him about Trump’s direct, personal attack against him. “You can run him the tape of the shows I’ve done with you, talking about SALT!”

Cuomo went on to address the personal attack Donald launched against him when he claimed that the governor had not done enough to prevent the tax law — that Donald himself promoted — from being passed.

“For him to now say, well, New York should have fought harder to stop SALT, he was the one who proposed it!” the governor fired back. “Why would you have assaulted the state of New York with a tax reform policy that raised our taxes?”

It’s pretty clear that Trump’s home state has completely renounced him at this point, and their governor is fully prepared to go to the ring with the president if that’s what it takes to protect his people.

You can watch the video here:

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