Eric Trump Threw His Sister Under The Bus On Live TV While Talking About POTUS’ Legal Strategy

They never know when to keep their mouths shut.

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For a group of people that berates the Democrats for infighting, the Trumps sure don’t mind to throw each other straight to the wolves.

Usually, when you think of the Trump kids, the lesser of the evils (which isn’t saying much, mind you) is usually Eric. While he definitely totes the smug, arrogant, and ignorant attitude that Trumps are known best for, he generally keeps himself out of trouble — considering it wasn’t him but his brother Don Jr. that got himself within a chin hair of indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

However, while Eric isn’t usually the one at the center of controversy, he is typically labeled as the dumb one of the bunch. This pretty well rang true when he appeared on the Trumps’ most favorite TV network today.


Eric appeared on Fox & Friends this morning in an attempt to get out ahead of the mess his father has made (again) after he started passing out lawsuits like MAGA hats to banks that intend to turn over his financial records after recently receiving subpoenas for the documents from the House Oversight Committee.

In the process of trying to defend his father’s massive coverup of his financial records, Eric pretty much confirmed that stupidity everyone has accused him of when he threw his half-sister Tiffany Trump under the bus for pretty much being an alcoholic.

“It’s not just my father,” Eric began prattling on about how the subpoenas are attacking his entire family. “It’s ‘Eric, I wanna see all your bank records. I wanna know how much Laura (Eric’s wife) spent on baby formula. I wanna know how many beers Tiffany had on a Friday afternoon in Georgetown.”

So, basically, Eric is claiming that the big, scary Democrats want his bank records, Laura’s baby food track record, and how many brewskis Tiffany slammed on a Friday afternoon.

Look, he probably meant well. But it seems that Eric would’ve been better served to live by Abraham Lincoln’s words, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

You can watch the video here:

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